• 2 schools warn parents, children after attempted lurings

    By: Monique Ming Laven


    MONROE, TACOMA, Wash. - Two schools are warning parents and students to be on high alert after two attempted lurings while kids were walking to and from school.

    The first happened Monday morning in Tacoma when a man stopped kids on the way to Truman Middle School.

    Two students said they were walking to school when a man tried to offer them a ride.

    The kids said a man pulled up next to them in a White Honda, near Truman Middle School. 

    He was wearing a sweatshirt with the school's logo. According to the News Tribune, the man told the kids to get in his car. The students said no-- and ran off.

    Then in the afternoon, a 16-year-old says a man grabbed her a block away from Monroe High School.

    There are not many more places where a teenage girl should feel more safe than in front of her school in broad daylight.  But Monday night, Monroe Public Schools notified parents across the district that one student reported having a terrifying experience  just before 3:30 p.m. 

    The school posted the warning on their website: http://www.monroe.wednet.edu/

    A 16-year-old student says she was just steps from the school when a strange man approached her from behind and suddenly grabbed her by the arm. 

    She says he told her, "come with me."  

    She was able to break away and run -- the man ran in the opposite direction.  In an email to parents, Superintendent Ken Hoover wrote, "we are proud of this young person for following important safety rules.  She ran to a safe place and immediately called 911."

    The email went on to review some safety rules for families, including:  always walk with someone else, quickly leave a situation that makes you feel strange or uncomfortable, and immediately tell a trusted adult. 

    It's advice neighbors of the school are certainly going over Monday night.

    "When I saw the address, it was very concerning because it just popped out at me.  It was close to home," said a neighbor who has three young daughters. 

    She plans to drive them to the bus stop in the morning rather than having them walk.  Concern is high especially because the description of the suspect does not distinguish him much from many other young men, including those who go to the high school.

    Police say the suspect is young, maybe 20-years-old, about 6feet tall, 210 pounds, with shaggy brown hair down to his eyebrows.  He was wearing jeans with a black v-neck shirt with white lettering.

    Monroe Police will be meeting Tuesday to decide if they have enough information to bring in a sketch artist.

    If a sketch is made available, KIRO 7 will immediately post it here on kirotv.com.

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