• Mom charged with felony in making bogus excuse to school

    By: Casey McNerthney


    A Snohomish County woman has been charged with a felony after said she called the school pretended to be the mother of her son’s friend – and the two boys skipped class to smoke pot, police said.

    Last month, police said Jackie Sevillano made several phone calls to Park Place Middle School and Monroe High School to try and get her son and his friend out of school. She identified herself as the mother of the friend, and repeated the claim to two school employees who confronted her about the false identity, investigators said.

    Sevillano claimed her son’s friend had a doctor’s appointment, but school staff because suspicious when they saw the boys walking outside the school. So they called the friend’s real parents.

    The boy’s mother “stated that at no time did she give anyone authority to excuse her son from school,” Monroe Police Officer Javier Patton wrote in a probable cause document. “(She) and her husband became extremely concerned and afraid for their son’s safety, as they did not know where he was or why someone would claim to be (her) and get (the boy) out of school.”

    Police said they found the boys in an abandoned car dealership smoking marijuana.

    Sevillano told police he asked his mother to lie to get his friend out of school.

    “I later called Jackie by phone,” Patton wrote. “After a series of poorly constructed lies, she finally admitted to calling Monroe High School and falsely identifying herself as Matthew’s mother in an effort to support his truancy from school. … Jackie apologized for falsely representing Matthew’s mother.”

    Court documents show Sevillano was offered a plea deal for a gross misdemeanor, but didn’t accept. The felony charge was filed earlier this month, and her case is ongoing.

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