• Mom of baby who ate dad's meth: 'I was totally unaware'

    By: Lee Stoll


    Bothell, Wash. - The mother of a baby who nearly died from a meth overdose said she had no idea the child was in danger from his own father. "He's a great kid. He's the best," said Bonnie Geveshausen.

    The Bothell mom said she's trying to give her two sons a good life. What she can't give them is more time with their 17-month-old half-brother D.J. When asked if she knew there were drugs in the house, Geveshausen said "absolutely not. I was totally unaware."

    Geveshausen, 26, was at work last December when she got a call from police telling her that D.J. was seizing and sweating. He was on the way to an Everett hospital with his father, Steve Simmons. An officer told Geveshausen her baby had eaten meth. "The one thing I couldn't stop doing was saying his name and trying to get him to focus on me," said Geveshausen.

    Simmons routinely baby-sat the boy while Geveshausen was at work. According to court papers, he had a "rule not to pick up or touch (DJ) when he is high.'" "I broke down and I didn't know how to accept at first," said Geveshausen.

    D.J. spent three weeks in the hospital and has made a full recovery. Simmons was arrested Friday and faces child endangerment charges. Geveshausen said CPS has custody of the child but she is allowed visits and has a hearing to possibly gain full custody in October. "Your kids come first. No matter what the situation, your kids come first," said Geveshausen.


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