• Mom apologizes for bogus report about missing boy

    By: Graham Johnson


    SEATTLE - A mother who falsely reported her 8-year-old son missing has written a letter to Seattle's police chief apologizing for wasting officers' time.

    The letter from Belinda Boston is addressed to Interim Police Chief Jim Pugel and apologizes for "miscommunications" on May 10.

    Seattle police said that's when Boston called 911 to report her son missing from John Muir Elementary after the school day.

    Nine officers rushed there and spent two hours searching for the boy.

    "A missing child, that's something we take very serious," said Seattle Police Detective Renee Witt.

    According to police, Boston was at her home in Renton providing tips to police, telling officers to look several places.

    Lead after lead fizzled and officers discovered the boy was never in danger.

    "She knew where this child was the entire time," Witt said.

    Police said Boston pulled her son out of class early and sent him to her fiancé's house to keep the boy's father from taking him for a court-approved weekend visit.

    Boston was charged with one count of false reporting, a gross misdemeanor.

    City prosecutors said because she had no criminal history, Boston was required to write the letter apologizing for the "significant drain on SPD resources."

    "Please accept my apology and know that in the future better discretion will be used on my part," Boston wrote to Pugel.

    "I've never seen this before but I thought it was pretty creative on the part of the judge," Witt said.

    The judge also ordered Boston to perform 80 hours of community service.


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