• Flight attendant helps doctor during in-flight medical emergency

    By: Chris Legeros


    SEATTLE - American Airlines Flight 1943 left Dallas at mid-afternoon Sunday, headed for Seattle, when a soldier suffered a medical emergency and a flight attendant jumped in to help medical personnel on the flight.

    Adam Isaacson said he was sitting in the rear of the plane, when a flight attendant came back and said, "We've got a code red."

    It was a mid-flight medical emergency in which a young man had stopped breathing.

    Tyniqua Barksdale was sitting across from the victim.  She said someone yelled for a doctor and then three doctors "came out of nowhere."

    According to Salt Lake City police, a doctor started CPR and an oxygen tube was placed in the victim’s throat through an existing trachea hole. 

    An emergency medical technician assisted along with a flight attendant, who did chest compressions while she held open the man’s airway.

     An IV was started by another passenger with medical training, police said.

    Eventually, the man started breathing again.

    Barksdale didn't know the man's name, just that he was a soldier in the Army who was still recovering from injuries suffered overseas four years ago.

    The pilot put the plane down in Salt Lake City. Paramedics boarded and carried the man to a waiting ambulance.

    Police said the victim was in a semi-conscious, unresponsive state when he was transported to the hospital.   He is in serious condition.

    The flight resumed to Seattle, arriving about an hour and a half late.

    No one had complaints about the delay, just concern for the condition of the soldier who was carried off the plane.

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