• Metro riders give Rapid Ride service mixed reviews


    SEATTLE - It's been a bumpy road for Metro's Rapid Ride service to West Seattle.  On Tuesday, Metro staffers joined commuters to get their feedback on the spotty service.


    Metro has added eight additional buses to the Rapid Ride line between downtown and West Seattle, but commuters gave Metro staffed a mixed verdict on service.


    "In the morning, it seems like with the additional buses, it's been better," said Yessika Yoncee, a bus rider.


    "It's gone by, and I haven't been able to get on. It's been full of people," said another rider, Frank Branch.


    Lack of room inside the buses is perhaps the biggest issue Metro is hearing about from customers.


    The Rapid Ride buses don't have as many seats as the traditional coaches, so many passengers complain about having to stand. Sometimes the buses are so full they go right past the bus stop, leaving passengers behind.


    Metro said that counting standing room, Rapid Ride buses hold as many passengers as the traditional buses.


    Many riders told Metro they appreciate the Rapid Ride service, but wish the electronic signs at bus stops where more accurate.


    "It beats sitting in traffic or searching for parking downtown. I just wish I had an idea of when the bus was going to arrive," said Kathy Mulady.


    Metro has alerted customers that it is working on that, too.


    For one rider we met, there were no complaints.


    "I like that it goes straight through to Ballard, limited stops and it has Wifi," said Mike Ewing


    Metro said it is working to speed up the service by finishing the network of stoplights that will give priority to Rapid Ride buses.


    Metro tells us that tight budgets prevent it from adding even more Rapid Ride buses.

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