• Mercer Island apartment building bans pot


    MERCER ISLAND, Wash. - Owners of apartments in Mercer Island are banning the use of marijuana in their buildings.


    Tenants of the apartment are being asked to sign an agreement, and if not, they could face eviction.


    A tenant told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Gary Horcher that he doesn’t want to sign the agreement.


    “I feel it’s very hypocritical and there are probably more things that they could worry about. Especially that the voters have passed this. Should be a non- issue,” said Pat Wright. “I would say, the majority of the tenants feel that way.”


    Marijuana has been legal in the state for less than a month.


    The document asks every renter to sign the agreement saying they will not use marijuana in any way, in any part of the in the building, inside apartments or condos, in common areas or anywhere within 25 feet of the property.


    According to the agreement, the ownership can take legal action if the agreement is not signed.


    Other tenants told Horcher they have never used marijuana and will not sign the agreement either.


    Wright hopes the issue goes to court.


    KIRO 7 called the management company, but was unable to reach them. 

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