• Men in attempted thrill kill charged with attempted murder

    By: Rick Price


    SEATTLE - Two suspects in an unusually disturbing attempted murder case who police said admitted to a random attack suddenly had little to say in court.

      Prosecutors said the two men broke into a Kirkland home at random and wanted to kill someone for the thrill of it.

     Vincent Sisounong, 21, and Blessing Gainey, 19, are charged with first-degree attempted murder and first-degree burglary. 

     On Oct. 12, they broke into the victim’s parents’ home on Northeast 133rd Street, authorities said.

     Court papers allege Sisounong and Gainey pulled 18-year-old Deep Rawat from his bed, ordered him into the garage and threatened to harm his family.

      Charging documents said Sisounong held the Rawat’s arms while Gainey tried to chop off his legs.

     The victim was able to punch Sisounong in the face and escape to a bathroom in the house.

     The suspects fled, but Rawat had stab wounds to his shoulder, head and hands, and deep cuts down to the bone on one of his legs.

     According to charging papers, detectives found fingerprints at the crime scene that belonged to Gainey, and when questioned, the 19-year-old admitted slashing the Rawat’s leg after breaking into the home.

     He also gave up his friend, Vincent Sisounong, documents said.

     When interviewed by police, Sisounong said he "really wanted" to kill the teenager, documents said.

     The victim did not know the attackers.

     Police arrested both men in late October.

      Bail for Sisounong was set at $1 million.  Gainey's bail was set at $500,000.

     They both pleaded not guilty Tuesday.

    Neither had family in the courtroom showing support.

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