• Mega Millions jackpot largest ever at $476M


    SEATTLE - With the Mega Millions lottery jackpot at a record high, vendors are selling a lot of tickets for Friday’s drawing.


    At a 76 station on Capitol Hill, employees said they have been selling a lot of the tickets in the last week or so.


    They expect to sell even more leading up to the drawing for a record $476 million.


    Overnight employee Quentin Johnson said more than half of the customers are buying tickets.  That’s helping the bottom line, because some gas customers who normally wouldn't come into the convenience store are coming in and buying a few items along with their lottery tickets.


    Johnson said even regular customers who don't usually play are catching Mega Millions madness.


    If only one person to picks all six numbers correctly for Friday's huge drawing, you could go for the cash payout of $341 million.


    The payment option would be $17 million a year for the next 26 years.

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