• Mega Millions drives lottery fever

    By: Chris Legeros


    SEATTLE - At the Hilltop Red Apple on Seattle's Beacon Hill, fingers are flying across the lotto keyboard.

    Mega Millions tickets spit from the printer, as gamblers take a chance on winning more than $400 million.

    Freddie Harris said, "everybody's here to get rich."

    Chris Adams called it, "shooting for the dream."

    It is a dream. There's a better chance of being hit by an asteroid, or having identical quadruplets, but who cares?

    Carmen Miranda agreed.  "Yeah, you can always hope."

    Something about the size of this pot has people digging deeper into their wallets than they normally would.

    Chris Adams put down $20.

    Freddie Harris pooled his resources with buddies that hang out at a local Burger King.

    He bought $110  in Mega Millions tickets. Just think of what you could do with that payout.

    Damion York shared his wish list of boats, yachts and wild women. His arguments were convincing.

    Even a cheapsake like me couldn't resist the temptation to buy one ticket, so I pulled out a dollar and handed it to the Red Apple clerk. I told her that if I won, I would continue to work and live modestly.

    She said, "that's hard to believe with $425 million."

    That's ok, because I didn't believe me, either.

    Did you win? After the drawing, check your numbers here.


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