• Seattle mayor 'optimistic' there will be 4th of July fireworks show this year


    SEATTLE - Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn announced Tuesday that there will be a push to come up with a plan to save the annual Fourth of July fireworks show.

    The Mayor's Office is teaming up with the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Seafair.

    "At this point we are fairly optimistic we can do it, but at this point it is a push to pull it off at this stage," said Beth Knox, CEO of Seafair.

    Knox said the partners plan to leverage their relationships with community members and businesses to come up with the resources to fund this year's show and make it a sustainable event year after year.

    A spokesperson for the Mayor's Office said that the city could provide reduced permitting fees and security for the event.

    Knox said that a venue for the show is still being decided, but  they have narrowed it down to Lake Union, the Seattle Center and Elliott Bay.

    Last week, One Reel, the group that puts on the Family 4th at Lake Union, Seattle's biggest Independence Day fireworks show, said there would be no fireworks at Gas Works Park this year.

    They were unable to find a sponsor for the event.

    "While we have decided not to visibly assist in producing the fireworks for the 4th of July with Seafair and the Seattle Chamber, our director, Jon Stone, is providing support behind the scenes, offering advice and expertise gained from our experiences," a One Real spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

    Knox said organizers are still talking with vendors to light the fireworks.

    A company called Pyrospectacular was contracted for years for the previous 4th of July shows in Seattle. 

    Ian Gillfilan, of Pyrospectacular, wouldn't say if his company is talking with the new organizers  but said his employees are "ready, willing and able" to put on a show in Seattle this year.

    The cancellation of the event leaves the largest city in Washington state without a major fireworks show since Ivar's Seafood Restaurant discontinued its 4th of July "Ivar's Show" after the 2008 program.

    McGinn said in a news release that the city is working with Seafair and the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce to come up with a sustainable plan for Fourth of July fireworks in Seattle.

    "I am optimistic that we will indeed have fireworks this year in our city," said McGinn.

    Organizers said more details on the fireworks show will be released next week.

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