• Mayor McGinn announces plan to reduce violent crime


    SEATTLE - Seattle's mayor announced a plan to reduce violent crime Thursday by adding violence prevention resources.

     Mayor Mike McGinn said the city would immediately introduce emphasis patrols across the five police precincts.

    McGinn said 6,000 officer hours would be added to work on reducing and preventing crime as much as possible.

    Seattle police will determine which areas will be patrolled using data, knowledge of communities, software and input from communities.

    The patrols are an extension of violence emphasis patrols that began in May, interim Chief of Police Jim Pugel said.

     Earlier this week,  reassured the city that violent crimes have dropped downtown, but according to the Seattle Times, that's not entirely true.

     Looking at the Seattle Police Department's crime stats by precinct, last month had the highest number of violent incidents in the downtown core in the past five years.

     Violent crimes are up 7 percent downtown over the first half of 2012.

     That includes crimes such as murder, rape, robbery and assault.

     On Monday, a Metro bus driver was shot by a passenger downtown and the gunman was shot and killed by Seattle police.

     In the Central District, a man was stabbed at 25th Avenue and Jackson Street Wednesday night.

     But violent crime statistics for the whole city of Seattle did decrease 4 percent compared to 2012.   A comparison of major crimes in Seattle from January to July is below.


    Violent Crimes



    Homicide 23 11 -52%
    Rape 72 69 -4%
    Robbery 790 864 +9%
    Aggravated Assault 1,280 1,137 -11%
    Total violent crimes 2,165 2,081 -4%
    Property Crimes      
    Burglary 3,499 4,354 +24%
    Larceny 12,559 10,379 -17%
    Vehicle Theft 1,951 2,271 +16%
    Total Property Crimes 18,009 17,004 -6%



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