• May Day: What was the message?

    By: Alison Grande


    SEATTLE - As protesters marched through Seattle surrounded by police Thursday night, KIRO 7 asked them about their message.

    Some of the protestors wearing masks didn't want to talk about it. Several other protestors did.

    "The system is failing the masses," said one protestor. When asked how the march is helping she replied, "Anarchy lives."

    Later, she came back and added, "People of color are usually incarcerated longer than white folks like me."

    A few protestors seemed determined to block our cameras and disconnect the cords on our cameras.

    One man was holding a sweater in front of his face when our crew first met him. He seemed to have several thoughts he wanted to share, so we asked him if he'd be willing to move the sweater. He said he was disguising his identity for safety, "from positional persecution by police."

    Then he changed his mind, removed the sweater and spoke openly about his concerns. "I'm here because capitalism has produced inequity in our country.  The current system -- they 're deporting families, they're breaking apart families, they're mistreating migrant farm workers," he said.

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