• May Day preparations in place


    Seattle - - When Nate White thinks about May Day, he gets flashbacks about the noise.

    “It was lunchtime. You could hear the mob come down the street, windows smashing,” White said. “ Someone told me they’re really trashing cars on the street.” White said. “Then I realized, my truck was down there.

    I went out there, and there was an anarchist ‘A’ spray painted all over my windows, and my tires were slashed.” White’s vehicle was in a line of heavily vandalized cars and trucks on 6th Avenue—where Nike Town

    display windows were also smashed.

    White believes downtown workers need a warning about this May Day. “Don’t park on the street,” he said.

    Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn says he and police have learned a lot from last year’s riot, to know how to handle any violent challenge by protestors on May Day. “Our objective is to make sure it’s a peaceful day for

    everyone,” McGinn said.

    Seattle Police won’t discuss their tactics, but SPD sources tell KIRO-7, there could be twice the number of officers on the streets this May Day. The people who run businesses along the planned protest route are hoping

    it’s enough to prevent vandalism, like the block of broken  windows last year.

    “We’re staying open,” said Vanessa Naff, manager of a hair salon on 6th and Stewart. “We rely on other business owners to stay and watch their place and our too,” she said.  

    A number of office buildings will be locked-down during the protests, KIRO-7 has learned. “It’s just a precaution,” Naff said. “It’s probably going to be quiet on May Day.”

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