• Marysville man arrested in attack on 15-month-old girl


    MARYSVILLE, Wash. - A Marysville man was arrested for assaulting a child, accused of slamming a 15-month-old girl’s head into a door and causing a head injury.

    Police said that on April 8, officers received a referral from Child Protective Services regarding a child with a fractured skull and bleeding around the brain.

    Providence Hospital called CPS after finding the mother’s explanation for the child’s injuries unlikely.

    The girl’s mother said the child was with her boyfriend, 26-year-old Danny Towner, when the injury occurred.

    The child’s mother said Towner told her the girl was at the playground when she was knocked down onto the ground under the slide.

    Police interviewed Towner, who gave the same story, but when an officer told him that doctors said the injuries couldn’t have been sustained in such an incident, Towner said he accidentally knocked the girl down when he was running to get burning food off the stove, a police report said.

    Police described the account of what Towner said to a doctor. The doctor said it was not a reasonable explanation for the 15-month-old’s injuries, police said.

    On April 10, the girl’s mother called an officer to her apartment and pointed out a bedroom door that was damaged and two strands of hair were stuck in the cracked laminate, documents said.

    The girl’s mother said the door was not damaged before, police said.

    The following day, Towner took a polygraph test and was found “to be deceptive on all questions,” the police report said.

    After the polygraph, during an interview with an officer, after giving other accounts of how the child’s injuries occurred, Towner eventually said he had hit the girl’s head into the bedroom door because of his level of fatigue and that he "lost it," police documents said.

    He was arrested on charges of second-degree assault of a child.

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