• Mariners, maritime businesses renew concerns about proposed arena


    SEATTLE - With a Seattle City Council committee set to vote Thursday on a basketball arena deal, some business leaders, including the Mariners, are renewing their concerns about the proposed site of the arena.


    The Mariners, and maritime and business groups, have sent a letter to the City Council committee that votes Thursday, citing "irreversible momentum" behind the site favored by arena developer Chris Hansen.


    They said it's not fair and may even break the law that requires a thorough environmental review.


    "Why are we pretending to have an objective and credible EIS process when the deal is done already, and Mr. Hansen's not interested in any alternative sites?  Let's not take the Seattle Citizens for fools," said attorney Peter Goldman.


    Council members insist they will look seriously at other sites.


    The City Council committee on Government Performance and Finance meets at 2 p.m.

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