• Maple Valley road collapse affects school bus routes

    By: John Knicely


    MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. - On Thursday morning, Maxwell Road in Maple Valley continued to crumble away as result of a landslide. 

    A huge hill started giving way on Wednesday and more rain kept the ground moving Thursday. 

    Engineers face a difficult, lengthy fix which will impact residents and school childeren.

     King County engineer Jon Cassidy was surprised to see how much earth gave way on Maxwell Road just south of Lake Francis Road.

     “It gets wet, groundwater comes up and it lets loose,” said Cassidy.  “It doesn't take long once it starts to go.”

     Maxwell Road is considered  a tier 5 road by King County, meaning it's low priority.  But it's important to those who live there.  Many people use the road as a cut-through to get to State Route 169, the Maple Valley Highway.

     “My wife and my son, lots of people use the road,” said Jerry Casper who lives nearby. 

    See images from the washout here.

     Fortunately, schools are out this week because Maxwell Road serves as a school bus route.  But it will be an issue starting Monday.

     “You got the impact of kids going to school,” said Casper.  “And impact on garbage service. And today's garbage day, so they're going to have to dink around and do that.”

     Cassidy says the road can and will be fixed, but it won’t be easy.

     “Bringing in some rock and building the roadway back up and repaving it,” said Cassidy.

     Engineers don't have a timeline on the repair.  The ground was still sliding when KIRO 7 crews were at the scene Thursday.  Maxwell Road now joins a list of King County roads that need repair.

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