• Manhunt ends after Oregon motel manager recognizes suspect in Renton slayings


    PORTLAND, Ore. - An Oregon motel manager helped police capture a man who is accused of killing his grandparents at a Renton home.

    Authorities were on a four-day manhunt for Michael “Chadd” Boysen, which ended with an all-day standoff Tuesday at the WestShore OceanFront Suites in Lincoln City.

    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Richard Thompson spoke with Leah Kallimanis, who recognized Boysen after he checked in.

    “I just saw a picture of his face, and then I heard the name and did a double-take,’ Kallimanis said.

    Kallimanis said Boysen was very friendly when he checked into the motel. She joked with him about whether his name was Michael or Chadd, and that was the reason why she paid attention when she heard the same name on the news.

    Kallimanis was shocked at seeing a news story about the manhunt for Boysen. She double-checked his photo on the Internet and she checked the guest registry, where he had used his real name.

    “I knew it was the same guy. I totally recognized the guy, so I called 911,” Kallimanis said.

    After Kallimanis called 911, a SWAT team rushed to the motel for an all-day standoff in which they used robots and flash bangs.

    Boysen had used a mattress to block the window of his room and police tried to hit it with tear gas.

    Kallimanis was stunned by the standoff and the realization a suspect in a double murder was at her motel. Her family also lives there.

    “If he has no trouble killing his on family, he has no trouble killing us,” Kallimanis said.

    The SWAT team advanced on Boysen’s room and got him out.

    Police found self-inflicted cuts on Boysen.

    Kallimanis is thankful her call to 911 may have saved other innocent lives.

    “I’m just glad he is off the street,” Kallimanis said.

    Detectives collected evidence at the motel Wednesday.

    Boysen remains at a Portland hospital. It could be days or longer before he is released and can be brought back to Washington.

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