• Man who killed 13-year-old with Samurai sword sentenced for murder

    By: John Knicely


    SEATTLE - Brandon Suhr, a 20-year-old Algona man who admitted to murdering his former girlfriend’s younger brother was sentenced to 30 years in prison Friday.

     Suhr pleaded guilty in April to first-degree murder and burglary for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s Pacific apartment, where she and her brother lived with their  parents, last year in Pacific and killing her 13-year-old brother with a Samurai sword.  He then stuffed the boy’s body in a closet, prosecutors said.

     Detectives said after Suhr stabbed the boy, he subdued his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend by choking her and forced her to go to his home where he lived with his mother.  He was arrested there shortly after.

     The 16-year-old girl said Suhr was probably upset over their break up, and that she witnessed her brother’s slaying.  Suhr forced her to write a note saying she killed her brother and then forced her to leave with him, documents said.

    Dr. McLung, who testified for the defense, said when he evaluated Suhr, Suhr was delusional and narcissistic.  He also said Suhr had abused caffeine and marijuana and had mania, bi-polar disorder and ADHD when her murdered Denesha.

    A doctor who testified for the state, Dr. Dean, said Suhr had a personality disorder and not mental illness.

    The victim's family spoke in court as well.

     “There's just many memories that we're not going to be able to make with him and I can't hug a memory and I can't tell a memory that I love him either," said the victim's mother, Janine Denesha.

    “He was only 13 years old. He didn't pose a threat to no one," said the victim's father, Kevin Denesha.  “I think the best thing for everybody is he (Suhr) never gets out of jail.  He took something very precious from a lot of people, not just us.”

    Alice Fisher, Suhr’s grandmother, spoke about her troubled grandson.

    “We had tried numerous times prior to that to get help for Brandon, but being he was 18, we couldn't get help without a court order," she said.

     Prosecutors had recommended a 30-year sentence.









    Brandon Suhr, “I'm very sorry for causing the death of Walter. I wasn't on my meds and wasn't in my right mind. Since then I've been on my meds and am thinking clearly and have given my life to God.”

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