• Man tries to rob woman 'relieving herself' in bushes


    A woman fought off a Central District purse snatcher early Saturday after he interrupted her while she was "relieving herself" in the bushes, police said.

    The woman was walking near 15th Avenue and East Cherry Street when she stopped to go into some shrubbery.

    "While the woman was relieving herself, a man appeared in front of her, watched her for a moment and then tried to grab the woman's purse," department spokesman Jonah Spagenthal-Lee said. "The woman was able to hold on to her purse and push the suspect away before he walked off."

    The woman then walked to a friend's house and called police. Officers searched the area but couldn't find the suspect, Spagenthal-Lee said.

    Police are still looking for information, but the main suspect is "a Hispanic male, about 30 years old, with black hair, who was wearing a red shirt and light-colored pants at the time of the incident," Spagenthal-Lee said.

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