Man tries to pay traffic fine with fake money

By: Richard Thompson


CENTRALIA, Wash. - The man seemed a little odd when he walked into Centralia Municipal Court. Deputy Court Clerk Jillian Shewfelt told KIRO-7 Eyewitness News over it and found out the two 20s were way off in color and did not look real.”

While the clerk was taking a closer look at the money, the man bolted out of the courthouse. The clerk didn't have far to go to call police because they are in the same building. "It's probably about the worst place to come and bring fake money to when the police department is right across the way," Shewfelt said.

Police were not able to catch the man but did take possession of the two $20 bills which are clearly counterfeit. "The serial numbers are identical on both bills. There is also a different feel to it," Centralia officer Mike Lowrey told KIRO 7 South Sound reporter Richard Thompson.

People paying tickets at municipal court Tuesday told KIRO 7 it's hard to believe someone would pass bogus bills at the courthouse. Chris Quimby said, "It's a whole different level of dumb."

Passing those fake bills could get the man charged with felony forgery. Court clerk Shewfelt said, "Not so smart I guess if you are going to be late on a payment. Let us know. Don't bring in fake money."

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