• Man tries to break into restaurant, pulls gun on manager

    By: Henry Rosoff


    SEATTLE - Rainier BBQ manager Andy Chau was working on the business office computer when he saw on his surveillance video a man come down the stairs and look around to see if anyone was watching him.

    Then the man tried to force open the door.  Chau tried to brace the door to keep it shut while shouting that he would call police.  Eventually the man gave up as more people filled the restaurant around lunch time, but Chau did not give up.

    The manager grabbed his digital camera and ran after him, snapping pictures and chasing him off the property last Friday.

    “Get out of my restaurant,” Chau shouted.

    The man then pulled out a gun and pointed it directly at Chau, saying, “Don’t follow me.  Don’t chase me again.”

    Chau ducked behind a building fearing for his life, but did manage to snap one final picture of the man driving away in a black Mercedes.

    Call Seattle police if you recognize the man.

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