• Man tracks down alleged attacker by using social media


    SEATTLE - A man turned to social media to track down an attacker who allegedly assaulted his mother-in-law.


    The attack on Jeff Few’s mother-in-law happened Monday night.


    A man, Few’s mother-in-law was dating, allegedly assaulted her, and she woke up covered in blood on the sidewalk on 12th Avenue and Spruce Street in Capitol Hill.


    After the attack, Seattle police did not arrest the man.


    “Her face was broken in three places. All around her eye socket and cheek bone. Everything here is just shattered,” said Few’s wife Maggi McConnell.  “It’s been awful.”


    Few explained to KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Deborah Horne that he used social media to find the man who allegedly attacked his mother-in-law.


    “And then Thursday passed, Friday passed and all the meanwhile, we were getting harassing and threatening text messages from him,” Few said.


    On Saturday afternoon, Few sent his first message over Twitter.


    “Five plus days, no warrant, no arrest and our family continues to be harassed by a long-time violent offender and we included Mayor McGinn and SPD on that,” Few said.


    An hour and a half later, McGinn responded to Few. Then at 7 p.m., Few received a tweet from the Seattle Police Department saying the attacker would be arrested if they could find him.


    “So we started calling together. All the information that we had discovered speaking to his family on Facebook,” Few said.


    They tracked the man down and turned the information over to Seattle police.


    After 11 p.m. Saturday, Seattle police called Few.


    “Saying, ‘I’ve got a birthday present for you. We got him. Picked him up in Tukwila. He’s under arrest,’” Few said.


    The arrest was made eight hours after Few’s first tweet.


    “I didn’t really think that you know, my going to Twitter and Facebook and being an armchair detective would accomplish much of anything. It just goes to show that these tools are incredibly powerful,” Few said.


    The man is now in the King County Jail.

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