• Man in toddler abduction attempt suspected of 2 more similar attempts


    BELLINGHAM, Wash. - Police discovered that a man brought in as a suspect in the attempted abduction of a toddler matched the description of a suspect in two more abduction attempts.

    Police released sketches of the man they believe to be 27-year-old Jake Unick, who’s under investigation for one count of kidnapping and two counts of attempted kidnapping in Bellingham.

     Detectives say Unick was shopping in the Fred Meyer where he works on Sunday when a 2-year-old girl was reported missing.

     Minutes later, Unick brought her back into the store  and handed her to another employee, claiming he'd found her outside, police said.

     But police say surveillance cameras showed Unick taking the girl out of the store.

     When police brought Unick in for questioning in connection with the toddler abduction attempt, investigators found he matched the sketch from two abduction attempts a week ago.

     The victims in those cases, a 13-year-old girl at a bus stop near Bellis Fair Mall, and a 24-year-old woman, were both sprayed with an unknown substance.

     Unick doesn't have a criminal record.  He was charged with public indecency in 2008, but the case was dismissed. 

     He’s expected to appear in court on Friday afternoon.

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