Man ties woman to toilet during burglary


SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. - A burglary suspect accused of tying up a woman and stealing her car was later caught on camera spending the victim’s money.

Surveillance video from a Lake Stevens Chevron gas station showed 35-year-old Ryan Kugel cashing in a bag of coins.

He bought cigarettes and cab fare.

 But police said the money was taken from a Snohomish home Tuesday afternoon. 

According to court papers, a 70-year-old woman came home and startled a burglar in her kitchen.  The suspect grabbed her arm and dragged her to the bedroom where he rolled her up in a comforter and sheets. 

The victim told police he ransacked the house, then took her to the bathroom and tied her arms around the toilet with a necktie. 

She broke free an hour later and called 911. 

“There was several cops over there and we didn't really know what was going on," said neighbor Lisa Berry-Reyes. "I'm scared and will be taking more precautions, like making sure doors are locked." 

Police said Kugel was cashing in the coins when an anonymous 911 caller told officers he was at the gas station bragging about the burglary.

Officers arrested Kugel and say he confessed to taking credit cards, a TV, computer, jewelry and the victim’s Ford Explorer. 

Kugel told police he ditched the car in a residential area but it hasn’t been found yet.

They also said Kugel broke down in tears and asked to apologize to "the nice old lady."

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