• Man threatens Seattle psychic with harassing phone calls


    SEATTLE - Police said an anti-Romani man harassed a Seattle psychic with threatening phone calls.

    Police said on Dec. 28, the owner of an International District psychic-reading business called police after receiving a series of hang-up calls, followed by a phone call from an angry man, who told the woman he was sending someone down to her shop to break out the windows unless she paid him off.

    Police took a report from the woman, but were unable to get information about the caller, who had called from a restricted number.

    Five months later, the man called the psychic again and left several irate voicemails, including a death threat, according to Seattle police. The woman said she recognized the voice from the December calls, but this time, his phone number appeared on her caller ID.

    The woman, who identified herself as Romani, called police and passed the number to officers, who called the man at his home in Battle Ground.

    When the officer confronted the man about the threatening phone calls, he expressed an intense dislike for Romani. The officer, who later learned the man has a history of bullying and threatening Romani, warned the man against making more harassing phone calls.

    Officers provided the woman with information about getting an anti-harassment order against the man.

    Police have referred the case to prosecutors for possible charges of telephone harassment.

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