• Man takes cash register during Tacoma armed robbery

    By: Chris Legeros


    TACOMA, Wash. - Tacoma police arrested a suspected armed robber. He held up the Smoke, Beer and More store on Sixth Avenue Saturday night. The crime was captured on surveillance tape.

    The robber, dressed in black, pointed a gun at the store owner and then grabbed the entire cash register and ran out the door. The owner said, "It was crazy."

    A neighbor spotted the getaway car and copied down the license number.

    Eventually the police were able to track it down, and they caught up with the suspected robber after he jumped out of the car and continued on foot.

    Now detectives are trying to figure out whether their suspect was responsible for other robberies.

    On Friday, two Seven Eleven stores in Tacoma and a Safeway were hit.

    We showed one of the victims from the Friday robberies the surveillance tape from the Smoke shop.

    She said the guy who grabbed the cash register was the same man who held her up.

    She recognized his cap, his shoes, and even his mannerisms as he struggled with his baggy clothing to get his gun.

    Police said the description of the robber was similar in all four cases. In each crime, the man pulled out a handgun and demanded cash.

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