• Man suspected of using his kids in store theft


    Chehalis police are looking for a man and a woman who involved what appear to be their two young children in the theft of a motorcycle from a Chehalis shopping center.

    Surveillance video obtained by KIRO 7 shows a man coming into the Yard Birds shopping center in Chehalis with a little girl. The man and child are then seen next to a vendor's booth. The man looks at and gets on Honda 50cc mini-trail bike. A short time later A woman and young boy join them and the family checks out the bike. The young boy who is wearing what appears to be yellow construction workers shirt climbs on the bike and the mother leaves with the little girl.

    Moments later the father starts pushing the boy as he sits on the mini-motorcycle. The man backs away from the vendors booth and casually starts pushing the boy and bike towards an exit on the other side of the big store.

    Chehalis police spokesperson Linday Bailey tells KIRO 7 "With the little boy on there, they thought it had been purchased for his boy and all was good." In reality says Bailey the man was using the child as a way to avoid suspicion and push the stolen bike right out of the store.

    KIRO 7 South Sound Reporter Richard Thompson reviewed store video with maintenance supervisor Del Zimmerman who was shocked as he watched the thief push the boy on the stolen bike. "It makes me really angry. It's a shame that people use their children to commit crimes," said Zimmerman.

    As the video continues the mother and young girl can be seen leaving the store followed by the father pushing the boy on the stolen Honda. The family walks to what appears to be a silver Kia Van in the parking lot, loads the stolen motorcycle and takes off.

    Gene Hoyt owns the bike and was trying to sell it at his booth. Hoyt is upset about the theft but even angrier that a parent would use a child to help steal. "It's just too bad he jeopardized his family."

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