• Man survives 60-foot plunge off Alaskan Way Viaduct


    SEATTLE - A man is in critical condition after plunging 60 feet off the Alaskan Way Viaduct Monday night.

    The man landed inches from tracks where trains were running.

    Witnesses had to show rescuers where the man was because calls to 911 weren't descriptive enough for medics to find him.

    Firefighters cut through a fence with wire cutters and told dispatchers to stop an approaching train.

    “The location where they found him was a very small space.  He might have survived if a train had gone by but it would have been pretty close,” said Sue Stangl with the Seattle Fire Department.

    The man in his 20s suffered broken bones, but he's expected to live.

    Police don’t yet know if the man fell or jumped.

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