• Argument between friends turns fatal in White Center

    By: Chris Legeros


    WHITE CENTER, Wash. - A group of friends was walking along Myers Way South in White Center on Monday, when suddenly a gun went off. 

    Twenty-four-year-old Excalibur Scott was shot dead in the street. 

    His relatives rushed to the scene, only to scream when they saw his covered body on the pavement. 

    The man’s aunt, Mercy Barayoga said, “I can’t imagine anybody doing this to him.  I’m just in disbelief in this, I don’t believe this.  He’s a good kid.” 

    A spokesperson for the King County Sheriff’s Office said there was an argument over a piece of personal property.  Sgt. DB Gates didn’t know exactly what that property was. 

    Judith Caldwell heard the shot from a building next door, and then a scream. 

    The shooter ran off, but it only took deputies a half hour to catch up with him. 

    Caldwell said, “Everybody knew who it was because it was an argument between two friends gone horribly wrong.”

    What baffles Scott's family is why the young man was killed for such a petty reason. 

    They insist he wasn't a bad guy and never hurt anyone. 

    The sheriff's office said the shooting did not appear to be gang related.

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