• Man says postal worker laughed hysterically as she hit him with vehicle

    By: Nick McGurk


    Bradley Kitchen was outside a Bellevue school Friday when he says a postal worker hit him multiple times with her vehicle.
    The 55-year-old mail carrier was harassing another parent over where that parent was parked, Kitchen says.
    "She was using some vulgar terms, so I kind of leaned out the window and said, you can't do that,” said Kitchen.
    It all happened around 11:15 a.m. Friday. Kitchen says he started taking photographs of the woman so he could get the license plate of her government-issued vehicle.
    “She proceeded to drive forward, that's when she hit me the first time, laughing hysterically,” said Kitchen.
    Kitchen says the carrier hit him three times total and injured a knee that was already in bad shape.
    "With that much strength of the vehicle to bend my knee backwards in a brace, she hit me pretty good,” said Kitchen.
    The postal service says the woman has been carrying mail for nearly three decades, and they've never had an issue with her.
    But they say they're extremely concerned about the allegations--and the woman will likely be put on emergency leave as they investigate.
    "i would like to see her lose her job, because that's unprofessional. Completely unprofessional,” said Kitchen.
    KIRO 7 confirmed with police the carrier has been mentally committed to Harborview and she was deemed a danger to herself or others.
    Neighbors say she had only been on the route for about the last six months.

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