Man, puppies dead in West Seattle house fire

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Quick Facts:

  • One man dead in West Seattle house fire.
  • Four puppies also killed.
  • Cause and damage estimate not yet released.
  • Fire happened in the 9200 block of Delridge Way Southwest.

A man and four puppies died in a south Seattle fire in the 9200 block of Delridge Way Southwest, and firefighters say no one told them there was a man trapped inside the burning house.

"Yeah we're all good,” Marrissa, who was too distraught to give her last name, told us when we asked if everyone survived.

She got home minutes after the fire erupted and said she didn't know a man the renter says was a friend in his 50s staying there temporarily was still inside. The renter said she didn't know either.

"We found one individual, the homeowner, and we asked him if anyone was inside," Seattle Fire Department spokesman Kyle Moore said. "He didn't believe anyone was inside the house. We still initiated a search and rescue. We found an individual in the back bedroom.  That person was deceased.”

Four puppies didn't make it either. Marrissa was horrified to see firefighters putting their bodies in a garbage bag.

"The lady didn't want to tell me that that's what was in that bag and I knew that's what was in that bag,” she said, crying.  She said they were just born.

"It's so horrible."

One puppy was saved. Firefighters rescued its mom and dad as well, using an oxygen mask on one of the adult dogs.  They said were told there were animals; they wish they had been told there was a man.  They always perform search and rescue, but that information is imperative.

If you know where someone is inside your house and "if you can point that out to us that helps us out a lot because we can point our resources directly to that,” Moore explained.

Firefighters are investigating what caused the fire and police were on scene because they respond to every fatal fire to determine if there's been a crime.

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