• Man opens fire, robs Lake Stevens restaurant


    LAKE STEVENS, Wash. - An armed man fired shots and robbed a Lake Stevens restaurant Saturday night, police said.


    The robbery happened at Yumiko Teriyaki inside Frontier Village on State Route 9 around 8:15 p.m.


    According to police, a hooded man walked into the restaurant, pointed a gun at the owner’s face and demanded cash.


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter David Ham spoke with the restaurant’s owner, who was threatened by the gunman.


    “And I was like, ‘What, are you serious?’ Then he points a gun at the floor and he fires a shot,” said owner Peter Kim.


    Then the gunman fired another shot.


    “I can’t take a chance. So I might as well just give him some cash. So I gave him some cash from the register, and he turned around and left,” Kim said.


    Kim’s mother and two employees were inside when the shots were fired.


    No one was hurt.


    According to police, most of the time the robbers show the gun, but never actually fire it.


    “This is actually the first one in a while where they’ve actually brandished a gun and fired one,” said Robert Miner of the Lake Stevens Police Department.


    Kim said the gunman seemed young, likely in his late teens.


    “He was wearing black jeans, he had some sneakers on, he had a black hoodie on. It looked like he was wearing a bandana cap. Hood over it,” said Kim.


    Kim is still reeling from a run in that could have cost him his life.


    “Still in shock. I still feel like it wasn’t real, but at the same time I didn’t want to take a chance,” said Kim.


    Kim told KIRO 7 that he didn’t have surveillance cameras in his restaurant, but he plans to get them installed after this incident. 

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