• Man in Neighbour's arson surveillance video identified by club

    By: Alison Grande


    SEATTLE - The man who police want to talk to about the New Year's Eve arson at Neighbour’s nightclub has been identified. Neighbour's released more surveillance video Thursday night, video they are convinced shows the arsonist carrying the gas can under a coat.

    Shaun Knittel with Neighbours says the man is Musab Masmari. According to court records Masmari has been arrested four times since May.  According to jail records, he's been arrested for assault, property destruction, and DUI physical control (intoxicated in a car, not driving).   Masmari was recognized because he had run-ins at other businesses on Capitol Hill. Police wanted the man identified so they could talk to him. Seattle Police said they do not identify persons of interest by name, but reiterated they do want to talk to the man in the images from New Year’s Eve.

    An arsonist set the stairs on fire inside the crowded club.

    Knittel wants Masmari arrested. “We have him carrying around something that looks like a wrapped up gasoline container. You have people who have come forward and identified him now, by name. What more do they need? For him to start another fire? What are we waiting for?” pleaded Knittel Thursday night.

    Masmari used to live in an apartment building on Harvard Avenue East. The manager of the apartment said Masmari was evicted about four months ago. After he was kicked out, the manager says he came back and spray painted the manager’s car. The manager said police came to the apartment looking for Masmar, but he didn’t have a forwarding address.

    Police say this is an active and ongoing investigation.


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