• Man nearly drowns in Lake Washington

    By: Henry Rosoff


    SEATTLE - A good Samaritan helped save the life of a man who injured himself and nearly drowned in Lake Washington Saturday.

    Eyewitnesses at Martha Washington School Park said the man who nearly drowned was boating with some friends, jumped into Lake Washington, and hit his head. He was under for about two to three minutes before his friends pulled him to shore at the park.

    People enjoying their day in the park rushed to help -- one man performed CPR and got the boater breathing by the time paramedics arrived. But he was not out of the woods when he left in the ambulance Josh Johnson said.

    "He wasn't doing good," Johnson said. "He was just breathing, and that was about all he was doing, not talking, not moving, just kind of lying there."

    Seattle police officers would not speak to KIRO 7 at the scene. The Seattle Fire Department's official Twitter account identified the man as being in his 30s, but did not offer any additional details.

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