• Man killed in collision near Snohomish

    By: Lee Stoll


    SNOHOMISH, Wash. - Icy roads are causing problems across western Washington – but they are especially bad in Snohomish County.

    A massive, fuel-covered debris field marked the spot where two cars crashed on Highway 2 before sunrise. Both cars flipped. One driver died, the other crawled out.

    "That looks like something I would see on the news,” said Carissa Twohy, who couldn't recognize photos of her employer's burned truck.

    "I think it's a miracle he's still alive. I really do because that doesn't look, like, liveable." She said.

    Troopers say the truck driver, 37-year-old Robert LacSeul, was heading east when he crossed the center line and struck 53-year-old Wayne Shkurhan's car. Shkurhan, the father of two teenage girls, died instantly. LacSeul is in satisfactory condition. The road and hillside were covered in thick frost and ice.

    Troopers say LacSeul could be charged with driving too fast for conditions and not paying attention.

    By mid-afternoon, temperatures were above freezing but areas in the shade were still frozen.

    "This time of year the sun doesn't come all the way up. There’s a lot of spots that don't see sunshine during the daytime and they're gonna stay slick,” said Washington State Trooper Keith Leary.

    Freezing fog and frost caused weekend crashes across the Puget Sound. With rain in the forecast, the worry is ice patches will turn into solid, slick sheets by the morning commute.

    "We haven't seen anything like we've seen in the Midwest but it's just enough to cause problems,” said Leary.

    Friends say Shkurhan was heading to Boeing where he was a facilities worker.

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