• Man escapes fiery blast at Hoquiam home


    HOQUIAM, Wash. - A huge explosion rocked a Hoquiam neighborhood as a home burst into flames Tuesday morning.


    The home’s door was blown off its hinges and neighbors said they thought a bomb had gone off.



    Neighbor Debbie Lytle said she saw flames shooting out of her neighbor’s house and ran to help.



    “There was a huge explosion and the fire just blew out the whole front window,” said Lytle.  “I started running down the alley looking for the gentleman who lives there.”



    “Debbie was yelling for me to ‘run in, go in, go in’ and I said, ‘I’m not going in there,’” said neighbor Shari Voight.



       Lyltle said she found the 23-year-old man who lives in the home outside with burns on his face and hands.



       Fire investigators said the man fell asleep and awoke to find the house in flames.



       Investigators said a propane tank inside the house may have exploded.   The reason for the blast is under investigation.



    Given the huge explosion and quickly spreading flames, neighbors said they are glad they were able to get the homeowner to safety.



    “I just think it’s by the grace of God he got out because it was a huge explosion,” said Lyltle.



    The man hurt in the explosion and fire was taken to Grays Harbor Community Hospital.

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