• Man dies after girlfriend does not call 911

    By: Amy Clancy


    Why didn't a girlfriend call 911 when her boyfriend was dying?

    That's one of the questions the Lake Forest Park Police Department has, and why the death of 43-year old Paul Chardon on June 25 is still an open and active investigation.

    According to police documents obtained by KIRO 7, Chardon's girlfriend Angelina Haury was in the home when he died. Haury told police that Chardon had been sick for about two weeks and refused medical treatment. She also claimed to have checked on Chardon early on June 25, telling police Chardon had "urinated on himself and looked angry." But Haury said she didn't want to bother him, so left him alone. Later that morning, Haury found Chardon dead and called 911.

    Michelle Chardon of San Jose, California, blames Angelina Haury for her brother's death: "My brother passed because she failed to call for help for him." While Michelle Chardon was in the Seattle-area in June to settle her brother's affairs, she recorded a confession of sorts from Haury on her iPhone. In the recorded message that Michelle Chardon gave to KIRO 7, you can hear her ask "Angie, why didn't you call 911 for my brother late in the evening of June 24th or in the early morning hours of June 25th?" A second voice says "cause I wanted to let him die." Michelle asks "Can you say that a little slower please?" Then the second voice says "cause I wanted to let him die."

    The Lake Forest Park Police Department confirmed to KIRO 7 reporter Amy Clancy that the voices in the recording belong to Michelle Chardon and Angelina Haury. Capt. Paul Armbrust said Haury is also being investigated for using Chardon's bank card after he died to buy an iPad, a Kindle Fire, cigarettes and withdraw $400 in cash. Police documents reveal that Haury quickly returned it all when Michelle Chardon asked her to, but now detectives have filed a search warrant to examine all of Paul Chardon's accounts in detail.

    On Thursday, Clancy went to Haury's Renton home to ask what happened, but she refused to comment.

    Meanwhile, police told Clancy the King County Medical Examiner's Office determined Chardon died of natural causes, and found nothing suspicious.

    Police documents further reveal that Paul Chardon had a history of drug and alcohol use and that Haury said he also had liver and kidney issues.

    Still, Michelle Chardon believes none of that lets Haury off the hook: "If someone were to collapse right here in the street, I would call 911," she explained. "Very, very peculiar that she didn't do it for someone that she claimed to love."

    Armbrust said he and other detectives from the department have had many conversations with the King County Prosecutor's Office over the past four months about possible criminal charges against Haury. But according to Washington state law, private citizens do not have a legal responsibility to call 911 on someone else's behalf. He said, until they get more evidence in both the ID theft and the death investigation, all they can do is wait. 

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