• Man awakes to find stranger sleeping next to him in bed


    SEATTLE - Seattle police said a man woke up in the morning to find a strange man sleeping next to him in his bed.

    Police were called to the 1400 block of East Howell Street around 6:19 a.m. last week where the victim told them he woke up and found a man lying next to him in bed.

    The victim told police he woke the man up, ordered him to leave, and pushed the man out of his home, but the man stood at the door asking for his bag.

    The victim told the man he didn’t have his bag and was going to call 911, a police report said.

    Nothing appeared to have been taken from the victim’s home.

    While officers were interviewing the victim, police on the street found a man believed to be the intruder at 14th Avenue and Olive Street.

    Police said the man was angry and immediately told officers he had outstanding warrants.

    When police asked the man what happened the night before, the man told them he met a man last night, they got drunk together and he was invited into the victim’s home, the police report said.

    Police said the man could not tell them the victim’s name, and the man said people have roommates and get invited to other people’s homes all the time.

    During questioning, the man began to get more irate and had to be restrained by police.  He was arrested on burglary charges.

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