• Man attempts to lure teen girl into car in South Seattle


    SEATTLE - A 31-year-old man tried to lure a 13-year-old girl into his car in South Seattle, police said. 

    On Tuesday, police responded to the 3700 block of South Angeline Street to investigate a child luring incident.

    According to police, a woman pointed out to police a man in a vehicle who tried to lure a teen girl into his car.

    The man got out of his car and walked into a building, but appeared to not know where to go to get into the building. The officer contacted the man and detained him for further investigation. 

    Police contacted the teen, her mother and the woman that called to point out the man. The woman was a family friend of the mother. 

    According to police, the woman told officer she heard screaming outside and then the teen was beating on her apartment door to be let inside. The woman opened the door for the teen and the girl said a man had been following her and tried to get her into his car. The woman went outside to see the man and get a description. 

    The woman yelled at the man for trying to lure the teen. 

    Police said the girl told officers she was walking home when she noticed a man in a silver BMW leering at her. She took an alternate route home because she was afraid she was going to be followed. When she got home, she saw the man near her home. 

    According to police, the man yelled out of window and told the teen to get into his car. The teen then ran to the woman’s apartment. 

    Responding officers then placed the man under arrest. He told officers he was visiting his friend named Juan in unit No. 12, but when officers contacted the residents in unit No. 12, they said they didn’t know the man.

    The man was booked into the King County Jail for investigation of luring. 

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