Man attacked by pack of dogs fights back with pocket knife

By: Jeff Dubois


KING COUNTY, Wash. - A 66-year-old man is in the hospital after being attacked by three dogs in White Center early Wednesday morning. 

He has severe bites on his arms and head.

Around midnight, the victim was being dropped off by a friend when the three dogs approached and knocked the victim to the ground.

“They just kept going and going and going,” said Tom Pompeo, the victim’s friend, who tried to get the dogs to stop.

Pompeo grabbed a hammer and started hitting the dogs.

The victim even pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed at least one dog several times.

“One of them was going for his neck,” said Pompeo.

He eventually scared the dogs off by hitting them with his car.

King County sheriff’s deputies arrived and tracked the dogs back to a nearby home, by following a trail of blood.

The dogs were rounded up by King County Animal Control.

One was a boxer mix.  Neighbors said they think the others may have been a bull mastiff and an American terrier or pit bull.

One of them had to be euthanized because of the stab wounds from the victim’s pocket knife.

It’s unclear if the others will be put down or if the owners will face any charges.

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