• Man in attack on 91-year-old suspected of more crimes against seniors


    EVERETT, Wash. - Police said an Everett man jailed in connection with attacking and robbing a 91-year-old man is suspected in other crimes against seniors.


    Susan Fenner's elderly father, Harold Caywood, is struggling to stay alive more than a month after Everett Police said he was punched in the face and robbed by 26-year-old Patrick Hartness.


    “How can someone attack a 91 year-old man, I mean, come on,” said Fenner.  “He’s a very bad man.”


    According to detectives, in August, Caywood was filling up his truck at an ARCO station in south Everett.


    Police said he had several hundred dollars of cash in his hand when Hartness punched him in the face, took the money, and then ran, leaving the Caywood bleeding on the ground.


    "His whole face was black and blue.  He had cuts on his hands where the guy knocked him down,” said Fenner.


    Witnesses said the robber ran to a nearby Burger King and hid in the bathroom.


    Police said when officers arrested Hartness, they found the cash, drug paraphernalia and brass knuckles in his pockets.


    Since the arrest, detectives said they've linked Hartness to other crimes against the elderly.


    Police said Hartness would talk his way into the homes of seniors, saying he worked for a utility or cable company.  Once inside, he stole checks and credit cards.  Many of the victims probably didn’t even realize they’d been robbed, police said.


    Everett police said anyone who recognizes Hartness and think they were one of his victims should call police.


    Since the assault, Caywood has suffered from pneumonia and congestive heart failure and has been in the hospital and a rehabilitation facility.


    "The trauma from the assault, and just the physical part of it too, not just the emotional part, took a toll on him,” said Fenner.


    Fenner said Hartness did more than steal her father's cash.


    "Oh, he took his life, really.  It took his independence away,” said Fenner.


    Everett police said they hope more victims will come forward.

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