• Man arrested with weapons had maps of college campuses

    By: Essex Porter


    A King County judge has set bail at $2 million for a man found with stolen weapons and Molotov cocktails near the University of Washington campus.

    Twenty-two-year-old Justin Miles Jasper was arrested late Wednesday night, and is being held on charges of possessing stolen weapons, possessing a stolen truck and investigation of incendiary devices.

    Prosecutor Andrew Hamilton said Jasper had with him maps of the UW, Seattle University and South Seattle Community College when he was arrested.

    In court, Hamilton showed literature and quoted a podcast that had Jasper vowing to support the Brazilian and Syrian revolutions. "I won't say where," Hamilton quoted Jasper as saying, "but somewhere in the western United States. I'm going to make sure people understand and notice it."

    Police say they stopped Jasper's truck when it appeared on a list of stolen vehicles. Inside, investigators say, they found six Molotov cocktails – bottles filled with gasoline. They also found a rifle with a scope, a double-barreled shotgun, three knives and military-grade body armor.

    The list of weapons convinced Judge Arthur Chapman to set bail at $2 million. "Having an assembled Molotov cocktail appears to communicate to this court an imminent threat," Chapman said.

    Police say Jasper is from Nevada and they describe him as a self-employed journalist. They don't know why Jasper chose Seattle; he apparently has no personal connections to the city.

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