• Man arrested, charged in U-District crime spree


    SEATTLE - A man police said pistol-whipped and robbed victims in three attacks in the University District last weekend was arrested and charged Thursday.


    Seattle police said the three attacks occurred within 30 minutes early Saturday.


    Shortly before 6 p.m. Monday, police recognized 19-year-Wafi Kilaouy boarding a Metro bus in West Seattle and arrested him in connection with the robberies.


    Kilaouy, a former Roosevelt High School student, was booked into the King County Jail for investigation of assault in the first weekend attack that occurred at the Knarr Tavern in the U-District late Friday evening.


    Police said the Kilaouy was asked to leave because he was underage.


    According to charging documents, Kilaouy pistol-whipped a bar customer in the head.


    Kilaouy was charged Thursday for the attack in the bar.


    “When he assaulted the victim, he did cause a pretty deep gash,” said Mark Jamieson of the Seattle Police Department.


    Investigators believe Kilaouy robbed and struck three individuals within blocks of each other.


    According to police, the victims all described their attacker as leaving in a dark green car, which was the same that hit a parked vehicle and dropped a license plate.


    The plate was traced backed to the home of Kilaouy’s mother on 35th Avenue Northeast.


    The Seattle Police Department released a photo of Kilaouy, and on Monday in West Seattle, Kilaouy was getting onto a bus.


    Police said the case has been referred to the prosecutor’s office and additional charges may be filed.


    Kilaouy’s bail was raised to $100,000 because police and prosecutors believe he’s likely to commit future acts of violence.


    “To take a gun and hit somebody in the head, not just once but at least four times in one night, I would say he’s pretty violent,” said Jamieson.


    Detectives said they are searching for possible accomplices as the investigation continues.



    Charging documents against Wafi Kilaouy

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