• Man accused of killing his girlfriend, making it look like car crash

    By: Richard Thompson


    Morton, Wash. - Corey Morgan, 32, is facing murder charges after a bizarre story about the death of his fiance fell apart.

    Morgan told Lewis County detectives he and his fiance, 48-year-old Brenda Bail, were up Forest Service Road 73 outside of Morton Friday night when three men attacked them. Morgan told detectives the men hit his fiance with batons and a big flashlight, but Morgan said he fought them off. "He said he was able to thwart off the attack because he knew Tae-Kwan-Do,"  said Chief Deputy Stacy Brown.

    Morgan told deputies he was then able to get his badly beaten fiance into his truck and sped off to escape the attackers, but he said he crashed the vehicle and Bail hit her head on the dashboard and was knocked unconscious. Morgan told detectives he then hiked 2 miles to the nearest house and asked the homeowner to call 911.

    KIRO-7 obtained that 911 call where a dispatcher asks the homeowner if anyone was injured in the crash. The homeowner said, "Apparently this guy is reporting that he wrecked trying to get away from somebody who jumped him and he thinks (his fiance is) not breathing."

    Deputies arrived and found Bail dead inside the truck. Morgan then expanded his story, telling detectives a man named Roger Etter was one of the people who attacked them. Lewis County sheriff's detectives were able to make contact with Etter and determined he was nowhere near the area at the time of the alleged attack. "He had nothing to do with it at all," said Brown.

    Morgan was arrested and charged with murder when Bail's autopsy showed she was beaten and strangled. The Sheriff's Office said the couple had a history of domestic violence.

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