• Man accused of groping woman in Portland arrested in Seattle


    SEATTLE - A man who was wanted in Portland for allegedly groping a college student was arrested in Seattle after breaking into homes, police said.

    Timothy Webster has been arrested three times in six days, and he was accused of restraining a woman and fondling her at Portland State University in February.

    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter David Ham spoke with witnesses who said Webster displayed bizarre behavior.

    “He kind of just continued to stare at us and said that he had been on the street,” said a witness named Barry.

    Webster walked into a web design office on 20th Avenue and East Union Street, but Barry didn’t know he was wanted.

     “(He was) standing there staring at us, asking bizarre questions,” said Barry.

    Webster left the building, but then he went to Adam Kuglin’s apartment next door.

    “I was in bed watching the Daily Show, and this guy is all of a sudden standing in my bedroom door, and saying that it’s his apartment,” Kuglin said.

    Kuglin chased Webster out of the apartment and called police. Webster was later arrested.

    According to police, Webster has been arrested three times, and it was a judge’s decision to release him each time.

    “It seems he’s mentally all not there. Just in talking to him, he didn’t seem he was really understanding what I was saying,” Kuglin said.

    After the third time Webster was arrested, Portland State University security connected him to the incident at the university.

    Seattle police said Webster made similar appearances in Queen Anne, where he broke into homes and woke people up. He kept saying he lived there.

     “Turns out he’s kind of a scary guy,” Kuglin said.

    Webster is awaiting a mental competency hearing.

    A bail hearing for Webster is Tuesday, and it is not clear if police will bring him back to Portland. 

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