Lynnwood woman accused of burning son's hands for touching iPad



LYNNWOOD, Wash. - A Lynnwood woman is accused of burning her son's hands on a stove in order to teach him a lesson after he touched an iPad. 

A school counselor at College Place Elementary School called police last month after seeing burns on the boy's hands. The boy first said that he hurt himself on the playground, but later said that his mom hurt him on purpose. 

The 6-year-old told police that his mother, Karina Torrescano Hernandez, held his hands over a spiral stove element and then cupped his hands together, pouring salt onto the painful burns. 

Hernandez told police that she cooks marshmallows on the stove for her son and his 3-year-old brother. She said that the little boy must have burned himself while she was asleep. 

Prosecutors called Hernandez a threat to her children and the judge set her bail at $25,000. She has been booked into jail on one count of domestic violence and second-degree assault of a child. 

The boy's hands have healed. He and his little brother are now staying with a relative.