• Lowland snowfall stays mostly north of Seattle

    By: Natasha Chen


    Bellingham, WA - Intermittent snowfall speckled most of the North Sound Saturday afternoon and evening.

    The snow swept through Everett during the afternoon, falling heaviest between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.

    People going to a roller derby match in Everett were caught by surprise in the flurries. Some were even wearing shorts and t-shirts.

    Kai Mei Wong, one of the owners of Sidekicks bar, said she had to switch cars when she realized it was snowing.

    Wong also expected business to pick up.

    “It does get kind of busy. I think everyone wants to get out of their house, and get in someplace cozy,” she said.

    Farther north, Bellingham saw steady snowfall through the night.

    Tony Schnackenberg said the light snow at times changed to drizzle.

    “Then it dumped, and then it'd get heavy. Where we’re at, it’s with a little bit of rain,” Schackenberg said.

    This is the second weekend in a row that Bellingham has been hit with snow. Schackenberg said in his many years living here, he can't recall snow in March.

    “I’d like it to go away and go into spring, and see robins and bunnies dancing around,” he said.

    It snowed less than the previous weekend, but still enough for Amy Lundin to observe people driving poorly for the conditions.

    “They don’t know how to drive when it’s sunny, let alone when it’s snowing,” Lundin said.

    Road conditions remained fairly safe from Seattle to Bellingham. But earlier Saturday in North Bend, snow and ice caused spinouts on the freeway.

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