• Love of strangers gives paralyzed gymnast will to recover


    SEATTLE - Fifteen-year-old Jacoby Miles was paralyzed from the chest down while doing a routine gymnastics exercise about a week before Thanksgiving.

    "It was just a mistake," Miles said Tuesday from her hospital bed. "It could happen to anyone."

    Miles is regaining some strength in her body. She can wave with her left arm and can lift her right arm.

    Since her accident, people from around the world have sent cards and donations to support Jacoby and her family. More than $70,000 has been raised in donations.


    The teen said she hasn't taken any of it for granted.

    "There's been so many other accidents and injuries and they've had the same thing happen to them," Miles said. "Not everyone gets treated with so much love like this and I'm so thankful."


    "I'm so thankful that so many people just care for me even if they don't know me," she said.


    Miles said that she is learning "to trust God. Honestly if I didn't, I would just want to give up and die right here because it's such a hard process."


    Miles will be at Seattle Children's Hospital for the next few weeks to focus on rehabilitation. "I believe that I can walk again and hopefully someday I will," she said.


    In the meantime, members of the community are working on making her family's home ADA accessible.

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