• Longshoremen's union continues fight against arena in SoDo


    SEATTLE - The Longshoremen's union is not giving up its fight to block a new arena in SoDo.

     One of the biggest issues for the union is whether other locations for an arena are still being considered, which is required with the ongoing environmental impact assessment.

     The union sued the city of Seattle, saying the environmental review needed to be completed before the city entered an agreement with the developers and the county to build an arena.

     A week and a half ago, a King County judge ruled against the union, but the longshoremen are appealing that decision.

     The union claims the judge failed to acknowledge its argument that the agreement between the developers and the city violated the State Environmental Protection Act.

    Attorneys for the longshoremen's union says there's precedent to prove it, and they hope that will be enough to slow down the momentum for the SoDo arena.

    "What the Supreme Court and the court of appeals have repeatedly said is that the decision makers must have the environmental information before they start moving down the path," said attorney David Mann.

    The union said it's motivation in stopping the arena in SoDo is to save jobs.

    The longshoremen fear adding a third stadium will choke traffic and therefore slow down shipping -- in the end, costing jobs.

    They want other locations to be considered.

     The union also questions the firm that is doing the current environmental study, saying it has no experience studying the impact to ports.  

    It’s unclear is how long the appeal process will take, but the environmental review is expected to continue while the ruling is appealed.

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